Why You Should Totally Roll Your Own AES Cryptography

Why You Should Totally Roll Your Own AES Cryptography

Software builders are often instructed to ‘never write your own cryptography’, and there undoubtedly are ample examples to be discovered prior to now many years of instances the place DIY crypto routines induced actual harm. This can be the introduction to [Francis Stokes]’s article on rolling your individual crypto system. Even in case you perceive the arithmetic behind a cryptographic system like AES (symmetric encryption), assumptions made by your code, together with side-channel and lots of different forms of assaults, can nullify your efforts.
So then why write an article on doing precisely what you’re instructed to not do? This is contained within the usually forgotten addendum to ‘don’t roll your individual crypto’, which is ‘for anything important’. [Francis]’s tutorial on the right way to implement AES is extremely informative as an introduction to symmetric key cryptography for software program builders, and demonstrates quite a lot of apparent weaknesses customers of an AES library might not be conscious of.
This then exhibits the explanation why any developer who makes use of cryptography in some vogue for something ought to completely roll their very own crypto: to take a peek inside what’s often a library’s black field, and to raised perceive how the mathematical ideas behind AES are translated right into a real-world system. Additionally it could be very instructive in case your purpose is to turn into a safety researcher whose day job is to seek out the failings in these programs.
Essentially: undoubtedly do do that at residence, simply preserve your DIY crypto away from manufacturing servers 🙂

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Written by Aj Singh

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